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Monday, August 22, 2005

So good to be back

It's the kickoff of another week, filled with hope and promise of repeated sightings of the loveliest tv correspondent ever, Ms. Abbi Tatton, co-host of the blog reports on CNN's show The Situation Room. Ms. Tatton's parts usually are on towards the end of each hour, especially the second and third (but it's not set in stone). Seek her out; you'll be glad you did.

And me? Like the top of the blog says, I seek only to extoll the virtues of Dear Abbi. I could extoll all my life long and never really scratch the surface of those virtues, either. Oh, but how I'd like to try!

So let's get to it. First off, I forgot to mention last time that I noticed they have somewhat of a teaser by showing the two hosts on the screen along the wall as they're coming back from commercial. Friday's was just them standing there, and today there wasn't one. But I'll try to keep my eyes peeled for them from now on. Ok, the first segment, called Inside the Blogs (they alternate names), came on about 4:57 and was about the security measures in the London tube (mind the gap!). Only people who've been to the London tube will know what I'm talking about there. Anyway, after a long bit by the other host Jacki, Ms. Tatton got her turn. It was striking to see her bare neck, unadorned by necklace. Not that I'm complaining about seeing her neck. She cited Going Underground's Blog, which noted the security steps being taken in the Tube (is that supposed to be capitalized?), and then told of the new charity Freedom Bags, which sells clear backpacks to assure your suspicion-free travel comfort. Londonist, Ms. Tatton pointed out, questioned whether letting people see you're carrying an iPod is really a way to feel secure. And so Ms. Tatton handed it back to host Wolf Blitzer. As he thanked them, we got a nice sideways view of Ms. Tatton's sparkly, whitish shoe. Very royal-looking, if you ask me.

For the second segment, this one called the Situation Online (which came on at 5:44), the topic was an Australian model who got busted for drugs in Indonesia. Ms. Tatton compared the story to that of anoher Australian who'd been convicted of drug smuggling, showing us updates on her from Talk Left, which she described as following the story closely. She then called up HappyScrappy, naming the site then drolling saying, "obviously wins the blogpost name of the day there." Love those side comments. She showed how the site was comparing coverage of the two women and postulating reasons for the difference.

Were Ms. Tatton locked away in some foreign jail, I'd definitely put together a team of international adventurers to rescue her. I'd burst into her cell in a blaze of smoke and fire, and shout, "I'm here to rescue you!" Then she'd go, "Aren't you a little short for a blogger?" And I'd go, "I'm 5'6, what can I say?" Of course, Ms. Tatton is even prettier than Princess Leia. Actually, I bet the guards would spring her on their own, just for a smile from her.

Well, that was a nice start to the week. Be sure to tune in this weekend; I've got something special planned! It's not much, just my way of continuing to celebrate all that is good and beautiful, i.e. all that is Ms. Tatton. But we've got 4 whole days to go before then - what a wonderful thing to look forward to, don't you think?


  • At 3:19 PM, Anonymous jason said…

    Hey, thanks for this post. I had no idea I was featured on the show until a technorati search led me to your site. Well done!


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